About Us

Something about Pavetech LLC

Your driveway, walkways and patio are more than just functional; they're an introduction to your business or home. Pave Tech brings 30 years of experience in commercial and residential paving, hardscaping, and masonry services to create a lasting first impression.

Newton, MA resident, Eddie Henriquez, founded Pave Tech in 2000. His goal was to bring his expert masonry and paving solutions to the greater suburban Massachusetts area. As a family owned and operated business, we make our customers’ needs our priority.

We offer you expertise in asphalt paving, interlocking pavers, and retaining walls for large commercial lots and residential entryways. We take pride in creating a long-lasting, beautiful and functional entrance to your front door. Our reputation depends upon making our customers proud of the work we do--but a great looking entrance is not enough. Above all, a driveway or walkway must be serviceable and it must last you for years to come. We understand that the thickness and compaction are critical to a long-lasting, quality surface. Beyond the skill and expertise necessary to ensure the functionality of these surfaces, the appropriate equipment and technology is required to do the job right. Pave Tech’s got you covered there, too.

Your project, whether large or small, encompasses many details, from preparing the ground and contouring it to avoid problems with drainage that can damage it over time, to surfacing the area and adding the final aesthetic touches. To handle all those details, you need a good contractor and the right team of expert asphalt pavers and masons with the knowledge and skills to complete each step.

Pave Tech brings all of it together so you work with us instead of several different groups to finish your project. While others may be able to provide either the paving or the walls and detailing, we offer it all. From your initial estimate to the final cleanup, you'll work with us and you'll get a great-looking, durable new entryway to your home or business that is not only functional, but also adds equity to your property.

We offer a full range of services to meet your needs, and since our family depends on our company, you can depend on us, too. Get your free estimate today.